Friday, April 27, 2012

One Year Ago….

Today I would like to reflect on this day 1 year ago….

This is the severe weather predictor for April 27, 2011
I live in the pink high risk area!

 April 27, 2011 will always be remembered where I live.  There was 6 confirmed tornadoes that touched down in my county including a deadly EF5!  Entire communities were destroyed and eight fatalities in my area.

I remember my husband and I sitting at home watching the weather on our off day from work.  The local weather channel was tracking a tornado moving into the area (luckily we were not in the direct line).  The tornado destroyed their radar that was tracking the storm, and they lost coverage.  Because my husband and I both work for local law enforcement agencies, we knew that we would be needed at work ASAP! Without second thought we were headed out in the storm going to help. 

The storm knocked out all of North Alabama’s power from our main utility source.  The power was out for nearly a week in our area.  Many people did not even know the extent of the damage until they were able to get power and see the coverage on t.v.  

The neighborhood was basically wiped out!

 This house was one of many destroyed in another neighborhood.

Now I would like to reflect on how these storms affected me.  Working in law enforcement I was thrown into middle of the hardest hit area.  We were put on 12 hour shifts (normally 8 hour shift) with no off days for 2 weeks.   Looking back on it I wonder how I ever got through those weeks, but at the time I didn’t even think about how hard it was.  I was proud to be doing my part; definitely gave me a sense of pride to be part of the department I work for.  During those weeks we were working out of a command post at the center of the damage.  

 This was the view I had while at work in the mobile command unit. 

Seeing the damage that only took seconds to create is absolutely breathe taking.  I went through so many emotions; it was really hard to accept the fact it really happened.  Growing up I have always heard about the destruction a tornado can create but seeing in first hand where I live was definitely an eye opener.  But at the same time it was so amazing to see the community come together and help each other get through this.  Volunteers came in from so many places to assist in the cleanup and rebuilding.  Truly an amazing experience to be a part of! 

April 27, 2012 - 1 year later…
The effects of the tornadoes are still seen here.  Some houses have been rebuilt and some have not.  The empty lots were houses and stores once stood show the scars that will forever be felt in North Alabama.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! Love it! And I am SO proud to have stood right next to you!!