Friday, May 11, 2012

just some thoughts

Totally wish I could be writing about things more exciting but this week has been pretty rough! 

My husband’s grandmother in the hospital underwent her surgery to have the pacemaker put in.  The surgery went well, but that night her heart rate dropped extremely low.  She had to be admitted into the CCU, and the ran a wire through her neck to her heart to regulate the rate.  Once stable over night, she had a corrective surgery the next day and is doing great now! It was definitely a big scare though!
My husbands other grandparents are getting adjusted to the changes they have faced. They are not exactly happy about the arrangement, but it’s for the best I suppose.

Work and school have been quite stressful as well.  There are a lot of changes happening at work.  Haven’t decided if they are for better or for worse, so I am just hanging on for the ride and throwing my input in where necessary.  And as for school, well.. legal citations are going to be he death of me! As soon as I think I get it, BAM! Back to square one!  Ha. So if I start posting pics of my missing hair, well, I pulled it all out frustrated! Just saying! Haha.

So I didn't get post all the cool things I wanted to this week… maybe next week will be better.  However, I would like to wrap this week up on a happy note, so here’s some silly pics from the doughnut shop I took last night...

keep in mind going out for doughnuts is NOT a normal thing for us! lol  Nate has been a very good boy lately and asked for a green doughnut (totally random!) 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hoping for happier days ahead!

I am feeling pretty sad today.  We keep getting bad news from family.  This summer was supposed to be filled with joy and excitement from graduations, marriages, and births; however, sadness keeps creeping around.

My husband and I are very close to his family.  He has a very large family, but they are very close knit.  His grandfather on his dad’s side was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over a year ago and had progressively gone down hill.  It has gotten to the point were he must have around the clock care.  My husband’s grandmother has tried her hardest to continue to care for while continuing to run their small business (keep in mind they are in their 70’s).  Well, a couple of weeks ago she fell while trying to help him get up and broke her leg.  Needless to say she is no longer able to care for him.  The family has been working in shifts to care for both of them and keep the business up and running.  Obviously this puts a lot of strain on everyone including the grandparents.  They have always been very independent, so this is a huge adjustment for them as well.  
Everyone (including the grandparents) decided it would be best if the grandfather went to a local home where he can get the care he needs.  Unfortunately, his grandmother can not go with him, so now they will be separated for the first time in over 50 years!  This is very heartbreaking to everyone.  Today was his first day at the new place. 

I just wish this was the end of saddening news for this family… Monday we received word that my husbands other grandmother (on his mom’s side) had a mini stroke and was admitted into the hospital.  She had a pretty major stroke many years ago that still affects her health today so even a mini stroke is detrimental to her.  She is scheduled this morning to have a pace maker put in.  The doctors feel this is the best option for her to keep her heart beat regular.  
This woman is one of the strongest people I know.  She has been through so much in her life but has remained steadfast in her faith and faced adversity head on!

I’m really not a fan of writing about the sad things in life but felt like I needed to get it all out.  Any prayers would be appreciated. 

Hoping for happier days ahead! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

My Weekend…

Well Friday I came closed to break my record of being awake for 36 hours straight.  I was up for 34 hours!  Ugh! Slept like a rock that when I finally went to sleep.
We went out of town to see my brother in law graduate college.  He received his Associates Degree and is now Physical Therapy Assistant.  I am so proud of him.  He has overcome a lot of obstacles to get where he is.  I will say though, it is a little discouraging for me that he has graduated with his Associate’s and going straight to work making a whole lot more money than me, and I have a Bachelor’s Degree.  Definitely did not go into the field I am in to make money! LOL!  

Saturday was ZOO day! I am such a big kid when it comes to zoos and aquariums! I literally woke up skipping around the room singing, “We’re going to the zoo today!”  Which resulted in me being whacked by a pillow by the sleeping husband! HaHa!
The zoo totally rocked! It was super hot, but everyone had a blast! Nate’s favorite parts were feeding the Lorikeets and Flamingos, snakes, lion, and giraffes. 
After the zoo the whole family went out to eat at on of my favorite bbq places.  Then we drove home late Saturday night.


 Sunday:  For the most part we were lazy! Nate and I hit up the pool for a lil bit and had a blast.  Swimming wears that little kid faster than anything else. As soon as I got him changed out of his bathing suite he was asleep OUT!

This week in school is going to be a challenging.  My entire college career up until now all of my papers have been written in MLA format, now that I am in grad school they want all of our papers written in APA plus we will be doing legal citations. So it is definitely an adjustment for me.  And legal citations are like a math equations… And I am not good in math! Lol  Wish me Luck! =) 

Hoping to get some pretty interesting stuff posted this week... stay tuned!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Birthday Party Ideas

Well it's been a busy week and haven't had much time to write between work, school, and catching up on sleep! I am going out of town today for my brother in law's college graduation! Big Conrats to him! We are staying the night and taking Nate to the zoo Saturday! Should be a fun weekend and will have an awesome weekend recap Monday! =)

But for today I want to talk about Nate's birthday party.  He will be 3 in June and want to have an awesome party for him.  He had a huge 1 year birthday bash, but last for the 2nd birthday we did a little pool party but it RAINED! The fam grilled burgers under umbrellas (see below).  So this year it should totally rock!
I have narrowed it down to having it at the local botanical gardens. Now for the theme... for boys they offer "Frogs and Bug", "Pirates", and "Dinosaurs"  Naturally, when I asked him which one he wants he replies, "Dinosaurs, Pirates, and Frogs, I want all of them!" really?! LOL  So we will be talking about more this week and see if we can narrow it down.  

  • rain (its indoor/ outdoor)
  • that not many people will come ... but we will still have a super time! 
  • and well I guess that's about it 

  • my lil man will 3!! AAAHHHH! 
  • the CAKE! my mom is going to rock the cake, just saying! love her! 
  • venue - the gardens are beautiful and have an awesome children's garden


                1st BIRTHDAY!



                                           Grilling in the Rain! 


Talk to ya'll after the weekend! =) 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Lil Bit Overwhelmed

Well I started graduate school today pursuing a Master’s Degree in Justice Administration.  I never intended to go past getting a Bachelor’s Degree in college but after graduating I just asked myself “why not?” I really enjoy going to school.  I really do not see myself as the nerdy brainy type with my nose always in a book.  In fact, I am quite opposite, but I do enjoy challenging myself and learning new things especially in the area of criminal justice.

Now for the OVERWHELMED part!  For some reason I have been super nervous about starting back to school which is totally weird for me! School has always been my comfort zone.  And it’s not like I have been out of school forever; I graduated with my undergraduate degree in August.  I think it’s just thought of GRADUATE SCHOOL! Kinda intimidating to me! Alas here I am! 

The entire program in online and up until now I have been telling myself once I log on and start I will see there is nothing to worry about, then… everyone is doing there intro on the discussion board and realize I am way out of my element. My fellow classmates are well established in their careers in criminal justice, and I am only 4 years into being a dispatcher.  I have advanced in my job as a supervisor but am worried I will not be able to offer much insight as everyone else.  On the up side though, I will be able to learn a lot from my classmates! =)
On another bright note, throughout my college career I have always been intimidating about posting on the discussion board (what will people think, will I sound like an idiot) ya know, the normal self conscious stuff… well, thanks to my BFF Amanda for talking me into this blog the discussion board is not so intimidating anymore! LOL

One last thought about life and school and I will be done blabbing on … tonight when I was trying to type my intro for class, my wonderful, full of energy toddler son Nate decided it was time for us to start a marching band! There is no way I could say no to that cute lil kid holding a spoon and bowl drum.  So off we go with homemade instruments in hand marching around the house singing none other than RING OF FIRE by Johnny Cash (see previous blog! Lol)  Needless to say from now on homework be done during nap time! 

here is a parting pic for the day...
Nate dancing in the car waiting for preschool to start this morning!