Friday, May 4, 2012

Birthday Party Ideas

Well it's been a busy week and haven't had much time to write between work, school, and catching up on sleep! I am going out of town today for my brother in law's college graduation! Big Conrats to him! We are staying the night and taking Nate to the zoo Saturday! Should be a fun weekend and will have an awesome weekend recap Monday! =)

But for today I want to talk about Nate's birthday party.  He will be 3 in June and want to have an awesome party for him.  He had a huge 1 year birthday bash, but last for the 2nd birthday we did a little pool party but it RAINED! The fam grilled burgers under umbrellas (see below).  So this year it should totally rock!
I have narrowed it down to having it at the local botanical gardens. Now for the theme... for boys they offer "Frogs and Bug", "Pirates", and "Dinosaurs"  Naturally, when I asked him which one he wants he replies, "Dinosaurs, Pirates, and Frogs, I want all of them!" really?! LOL  So we will be talking about more this week and see if we can narrow it down.  

  • rain (its indoor/ outdoor)
  • that not many people will come ... but we will still have a super time! 
  • and well I guess that's about it 

  • my lil man will 3!! AAAHHHH! 
  • the CAKE! my mom is going to rock the cake, just saying! love her! 
  • venue - the gardens are beautiful and have an awesome children's garden


                1st BIRTHDAY!



                                           Grilling in the Rain! 


Talk to ya'll after the weekend! =) 

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