Friday, May 11, 2012

just some thoughts

Totally wish I could be writing about things more exciting but this week has been pretty rough! 

My husband’s grandmother in the hospital underwent her surgery to have the pacemaker put in.  The surgery went well, but that night her heart rate dropped extremely low.  She had to be admitted into the CCU, and the ran a wire through her neck to her heart to regulate the rate.  Once stable over night, she had a corrective surgery the next day and is doing great now! It was definitely a big scare though!
My husbands other grandparents are getting adjusted to the changes they have faced. They are not exactly happy about the arrangement, but it’s for the best I suppose.

Work and school have been quite stressful as well.  There are a lot of changes happening at work.  Haven’t decided if they are for better or for worse, so I am just hanging on for the ride and throwing my input in where necessary.  And as for school, well.. legal citations are going to be he death of me! As soon as I think I get it, BAM! Back to square one!  Ha. So if I start posting pics of my missing hair, well, I pulled it all out frustrated! Just saying! Haha.

So I didn't get post all the cool things I wanted to this week… maybe next week will be better.  However, I would like to wrap this week up on a happy note, so here’s some silly pics from the doughnut shop I took last night...

keep in mind going out for doughnuts is NOT a normal thing for us! lol  Nate has been a very good boy lately and asked for a green doughnut (totally random!) 

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