Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Lil Bit Overwhelmed

Well I started graduate school today pursuing a Master’s Degree in Justice Administration.  I never intended to go past getting a Bachelor’s Degree in college but after graduating I just asked myself “why not?” I really enjoy going to school.  I really do not see myself as the nerdy brainy type with my nose always in a book.  In fact, I am quite opposite, but I do enjoy challenging myself and learning new things especially in the area of criminal justice.

Now for the OVERWHELMED part!  For some reason I have been super nervous about starting back to school which is totally weird for me! School has always been my comfort zone.  And it’s not like I have been out of school forever; I graduated with my undergraduate degree in August.  I think it’s just thought of GRADUATE SCHOOL! Kinda intimidating to me! Alas here I am! 

The entire program in online and up until now I have been telling myself once I log on and start I will see there is nothing to worry about, then… everyone is doing there intro on the discussion board and realize I am way out of my element. My fellow classmates are well established in their careers in criminal justice, and I am only 4 years into being a dispatcher.  I have advanced in my job as a supervisor but am worried I will not be able to offer much insight as everyone else.  On the up side though, I will be able to learn a lot from my classmates! =)
On another bright note, throughout my college career I have always been intimidating about posting on the discussion board (what will people think, will I sound like an idiot) ya know, the normal self conscious stuff… well, thanks to my BFF Amanda for talking me into this blog the discussion board is not so intimidating anymore! LOL

One last thought about life and school and I will be done blabbing on … tonight when I was trying to type my intro for class, my wonderful, full of energy toddler son Nate decided it was time for us to start a marching band! There is no way I could say no to that cute lil kid holding a spoon and bowl drum.  So off we go with homemade instruments in hand marching around the house singing none other than RING OF FIRE by Johnny Cash (see previous blog! Lol)  Needless to say from now on homework be done during nap time! 

here is a parting pic for the day...
Nate dancing in the car waiting for preschool to start this morning!


  1. You got this! Show them you don't have to be a chief, capt, or sgt in order to know your stuff!

    1. oh they got a taste of me today! grrr! lol

  2. I just finished an online masters program. If you need support, email me any time. You can do it. Everything will be a learning experience and your "inexperience" may lend different views than your classmates.

    1. That's awesome, Congrats! and Thank You! =)