Monday, May 7, 2012

My Weekend…

Well Friday I came closed to break my record of being awake for 36 hours straight.  I was up for 34 hours!  Ugh! Slept like a rock that when I finally went to sleep.
We went out of town to see my brother in law graduate college.  He received his Associates Degree and is now Physical Therapy Assistant.  I am so proud of him.  He has overcome a lot of obstacles to get where he is.  I will say though, it is a little discouraging for me that he has graduated with his Associate’s and going straight to work making a whole lot more money than me, and I have a Bachelor’s Degree.  Definitely did not go into the field I am in to make money! LOL!  

Saturday was ZOO day! I am such a big kid when it comes to zoos and aquariums! I literally woke up skipping around the room singing, “We’re going to the zoo today!”  Which resulted in me being whacked by a pillow by the sleeping husband! HaHa!
The zoo totally rocked! It was super hot, but everyone had a blast! Nate’s favorite parts were feeding the Lorikeets and Flamingos, snakes, lion, and giraffes. 
After the zoo the whole family went out to eat at on of my favorite bbq places.  Then we drove home late Saturday night.


 Sunday:  For the most part we were lazy! Nate and I hit up the pool for a lil bit and had a blast.  Swimming wears that little kid faster than anything else. As soon as I got him changed out of his bathing suite he was asleep OUT!

This week in school is going to be a challenging.  My entire college career up until now all of my papers have been written in MLA format, now that I am in grad school they want all of our papers written in APA plus we will be doing legal citations. So it is definitely an adjustment for me.  And legal citations are like a math equations… And I am not good in math! Lol  Wish me Luck! =) 

Hoping to get some pretty interesting stuff posted this week... stay tuned!

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